Welcome to Epping Presbyterian Church. 

We're really glad you dropped by our website and we'd love to see you in church.

We're really glad you dropped by our website and we'd love to see you in church. We're all about Jesus and we gather on Sundays at 9:00am, 10:30am, 4:30pm and 6:30pm. On the first Sunday of each school holiday period, we have two combined services, at 10:00am and 5:30pm. 

Upcoming service changes

23/2 Church forum 4:30pm to 6pm

9:00am Church

9:00am church is an energetic group of diverse people – diverse ages, diverse language backgrounds, diverse family types. Everyone is welcome!

The first 20 minutes or so of each Sunday is geared towards children and adults singing, praying and learning together. Then, children aged 2 to 12 move to the hall for their own teaching program, while the adults sing some more, listen to a Bible talk and pray together. (During school holidays children remain in church with activity sheets).

Adults and children meet up again for morning tea in the church hall just after 10am. There's no dress code - come in whatever you feel most comfortable in. And we really don’t mind if your children act like children or your baby cries.

10:30am Church

The 10:30am service brings together dignity and delight. This is our more traditional service and features our wonderful organist Hannah Lee.

Each week we gather to worship God and hear from him in the Bible. We love singing the classic hymns that have been such a blessing to so many generations and we love to hear God's Word proclaimed and applied to our lives. If you appreciate church being a little more formal, but you also appreciate true gospel friendship, then you're sure to find yourself at home with us. We'd love you to join us this coming Sunday.  

4:30pm Church

4:30pm church is a small but growing group of families, couples, and single people who gather weekly to sing, pray, read the Bible, and encourage one another. There's no dress code - come wearing whatever you feel most comfortable in.

This service is very suitable for families with infants and crawlers. Please note that there is no formal Sunday School or Kids Program at this service. Families who want their older children to have a vibrant Sunday experience should attend our 9am service.

After singing together and interacting with a Bible reading we break for tea and coffee. After the break we sing together and then there's a Bible talk. We'd love to get to know you so please drop by.

6:30pm Church

Our 6:30pm service is a relaxed group of people who want to be authentic in connecting to God and each other. When we gather on Sunday nights we sing, read from the Bible, listen to a talk, pray for one another and pray for our world. During school terms we also share together in a light meal after the service in the church hall.

Most of our high schoolers stay for this service after youth group. But you don’t have to be that young to join us.

How to find us

We are in the heart of the Epping town centre, on the corner of Bridge and Rawson Streets,  just across the road from The Epping Club. You can enter the church building from Bridge Street. Access to the hall and offices is from Rawson Street.

We're two minutes walk from Epping Station and there is a bus stop right outside the church.

Parking is relatively easy on Sundays with no time restrictions. The best options are the council car park on Rawson Street (next to Coles), or in the residential sections of Rawson and High Streets.

The church office is open 9:30am to 2:30pm Monday-Friday.  

Call us on (02) 9876 1188 or email us office@eppingpresbyterian.org.au